Rad Web Framework

In 2010 - 2011 years I was working on Web Framework called Rad, below are some site built with it.

Store / e-commerce.






The main difference from existing frameworks (and Ruby on Rails) is that it has better support for object oriented approach (all the stack - models, controllers, views, routes) and allows to build an app as a set of cooperating components instead of monolith, and it's easy to customize.

It's also simple and has small code base, actually the Rad is just an integration layer, delegating actual works to other well known gems (rack, tilt, ...).

Rad public API looks like Rails but underlying architecture is complete different. Internally it's more like Spring IoC, with such things as IoC, auto-discovery and auto-configurations, injection, managed scopes and components.

Code statistics (compared to Rails)

I was curious – how Rad's sources compared to Ruby on Rails?

Rad vs. Ruby on Rails

See? It’s small! Taken into account that it has about 80% of Rails features (+ special features) – not bad huh?

More details about Rad and Quick Start Guide.