Food supplements

My christmas present, should be enough for couple of months.

Below are list of most usefull food supplements that have proven benefits (I'll add links to exams and proofs later).

Core supplements

  • Multivitamins, Microelements - general health, any good multivitamins, the more vitamins and elements the better, also make sure there's the Iodine.

Optional supplements

  • Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM - joints support.

  • Liver detox - herbs extracts for better digestion.

  • Grape seeds - immune support, antioxidants.

  • Coenzyme Q10 - cardiovascular system.

  • Deep Krill Oil - joints support, cardiovascular system, (also available as Fish Oil and Omega 3, but it seems Krill Oil has better properties).

  • Odorless Garlic - general health.

  • Lutein - eye support.

  • BCAA - support for muscle growth, only if you train and need to gain muscle mass.

Interesting, but without proven benefits

  • Ginkgo biloba - mind support.

Pill Organizer

It's boring to constantly remember what pills you need to take. Instead you just take 7 jars, one jar for one day, and fill it all with the pills once a week.

That's my weekly pills.

Hormones vs. Supplements

Hormones forcefully change settings of the body and are very powerfull if used wisely, but, with unwise usage they could be also very dangerous with irreversible harm. Nobody in the right mind would try to change setting of complex engine without exact knowledge of what they are doing. Hormones are for professionals only.

Suppliments doesn't change how the body works, they only provide raw build materials that could be used by the body if it decides to use it. If not - it would be just flushed into the toilet without any benefit or harm (unless you consume it in really huge amount exceeding capabilities of the body to flush it out).

Suppliments are less powerfull, but also much safer, with almost no harm and side effects if used properly.

In this article only suppliments are listed (except for the Royal Jelly).

Royal Jelly

It has unknown effects on human body and no scientifical proof of benefits. Also, unlike all other listed items it is not supplement, it is controller (enzymes, hormones) designed to change how the body works. And, it is potentially dangerous and could cause severe allergical reactions.

But, still, it is very interesting.

It is designed for insects (Bees) and totally changes its bodily functions. The DNA of the Worker Bee and the Queen are exactly the same, the only difference is the food - Queen eats Royal Jelly while Worker Bees are not. And as the result it has lifespan of couple of years versus couple of weeks for the Worker Bee.

Of course humans have different and enzymes and hormons designed for Bees doesn't work for us. But, it in case of Bees it is very powerfull (probably it is the only known substance having such a power), and as soon as we share significant part of the DNA with all other living things - there's a slight chance that it may have some effect on humans too.

It could be stored only in raw form (pills or powder are useless) in the refrigirator for limited time. And, it is also destroyed by our digestive system so it should be kept under the tongue untill being absorbed by mucous membrane (about 5 min).